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The Sky Islands region is in danger. The US Air Force has announced plans to escalate training over the most biodiverse region of the continental United States, where Tribal Lands and conservation areas are the primary victims of environmental harm caused by military air maneuvers.

Learn more about projected new impacts here

Join other artists at the Peaceful Sky Benefit - Tucson, Arizona 2023 - protesting any increase to the intensity of USAF training over Southern Arizona and Sothwestern New Mexico.

Event proceeds will benefit regional organizations defending against the proposals in question; through activities such as public awareness campaigns, networking, or potential legal action. Southwest Native Nations-led groups will be given precedence in becoming a beneficiary of the event.

Review the benefit mission and structure here

The benefit will occur on a date between February 19 and March 3, 2023. This is an urgent call for help and participation. Activities will include:

- Live music/performance
- Installations/art
- Readings

Sponsors and participants will be featured in printed matter and social media to be widely shared, including with US Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Deb Haaland.

We are seeking:
- Live music sets (approximately 20-60 min)
- Installations/art
- Relevant readings or performance art sets (approximately 5-20 min)
- Donations toward participant sponsorships and event overhead cost at GoFundMe
- Creative contributions, such as local wares or artists’ permission to make Riso-prints; as thank you gifts for direct donations made during the event
- Sponsored or discounted accommodations by local hotels for traveling artists
- Supporters to spread the word

Contact us
Please introduce yourself. Describe what type of creative work you can contribute.

If you need a sponsorship stipend to cover travel to/from Tucson, local accommodations/transportation, etc; please estimate the amount that would make your participation possible.
Southwest Native Nations artists will be given precedence in the allocation of sponsorships

If crowdfunding surpasses sponsorship needs, crowdfunds will be used to offset venue fees and other event expenses, or be added to the event proceeds for donation.

This event is coordinated by 100% volunteer facilitators. All crowdfunding allocation, and disbursement of event proceeds, will be clearly disclosed online.

Please share this call for help far and wide. The Sky Islands are historically sacred to southwest Native Nations, internationally revered in biology and astronomy research, and a national treasure of unparalleled biodiversity.

Contact peaceful.sky.benefit@gmail.com