A shoutout to some of the organizations we endorse -

Borderlands Restoration Network
Assists development of regional conservation economy in which diverse, fulfilling livelihoods support the restoration of thriving ecosystems and healthy communities in the U.S./Mexico borderlands

Center for Biological Diversity
Implements science, law, and creative media with the purpose of protecting the lands, waters, and climate that threatened species of every variety need to survive

Sky Island Alliance
Leads restoration that increases the capacity of local ecosystems to tolerate disturbance without collapsing to change - work that ensures plants and wildlife have the best chance possible to persist in the Sky Islands

Malpai Borderlands Group
Protects and restores the ecological diversity and productivity of ranchlands in Southeast Arizona and Southwest New Mexico, with leadership of community ranchers; through wildlife habitat defense and restoration, innovative cooperative land conservation and management, and community outreach

Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection
Works to create a community where ecosystem health is protected so that wildlife, residents, visitors, and future generations can drink clean water, breathe clean air, and find wild places to roam in the Sonoran Desert

Chiricahua Regional Council
Monitors public agency actions and other issues affecting the Chiricahua, Peloncillo and Dragoon Mountains and nearby areas of southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and adjacent northern Mexico; as a citizens’ watchdog group

Nods to more projects far and wide, whose work, friendship, or sense of community helps to keep us inspired and productive -

U.S. Southwest

SW Indigenous Women’s CoalitionAISESTaking Up SpaceApache StrongholdFlowers & BulletsNative Seeds/SEARCHDesert Survivors / The Border Chronicle

U.S. Pacific Northwest
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